1 - USRA Policy
In order to maintain technical standardization the USRA shall provide uniform rules and technical specifications. Additionally, USRA will organize, conduct and enforce technical inspections at a racing event. USRA rules shall operate on a two year rules cycle (except for emergency actions required for safety of operations) and a rules review shall be conducted annually by the Board of Directors.

2 - USRA Officers
USRA officers elected by the membership to serve from December 1, 2017 to November 31, 2019 are:

USRA President Terry Raymond
USRA Vice President Tim Foster

Eastern District Member Representative Tony Husak

Eastern District Promoter Representative  
Central District Member Representative Peter Goldsmith

Central District Promoter Representative  
Western District Member Representative Jeff Wheless
(480) 239-2414
Western District Promoter Representative  
Secretary Kellie Raymond
Treasurer Kellie Raymond

3 - USRA Map