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Feb 25, 2020


What is the USRA?

The UNLIMITED SCALE RACING ASSOCIATION (USRA) is an organization dedicated to the competitive sport of radio controlled (R/C) Giant Scale Racing competition capturing the thrill and excitement of the world's fastest motor sport. The USRA is the official sanctioning and rules body for the sport of Giant Scale Air Racing.

Founded in 1994, the purpose of the USRA is to provide the special interests of its membership a clear and definitive set of racing rules and procedures and to effectively separate those racing rules and procedures from the promotional aspects of the racing event organizers, thereby allowing uniform application of racing rules and procedures at all racing events.

By providing a fair and equitable playing field to its membership, the USRA serves to advance the sport of giant scale air racing in the areas of competition, safety and technology development for the benefit of those persons interested in the design, construction and flight of giant scale racing aircraft.

USRA operates under the auspices of the USA’s Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) with a designation as the Special Interest Group (SIG) for R/C Giant Scale Racing. Although originating in America, the scope of USRA operations has always been considered international and is open to all those interested in competing.

The number of national and international USRA giant scale racing events grows each year. It is the intent of the USRA and each racing event organizer to continue to advance and grow the sport of giant scale air racing in order to increase awareness of our deeply rooted aviation heritage and the sport of air racing in the United States and world-wide.


The Unlimited Scale Racing Associaton is organized with a Board of Directors and Officers that serve the organization as prescribed in the Constitution & By-Laws. Geographical Regions are used for organization and administrative purposes.
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